Surface winder

Ein Produkt der D³-Solutions GmbH

D³-Solutions Surface winder

Precise surface winders play a decisive role in the field of technical textiles. The surface winder from D3-Solutions GmbH use a precise measuring device to control the fabric tension in the infeed. In this way, a constant web tension and the gentlest possible fabric tension can be achieved. This minimizes the curling, shifting and shrinking of the fabric.

The tension of the fabric in the winder is controlled independently of the fabric infeed tension. This means that the fabric can be wound with virtually no elongation or loss of width. The stable winding facilitates further processing in the next process steps and ensures product quality during storage and transportation. Material losses are thus minimized and production efficiency is increased accordingly.

The HMI terminal offers many advantages:

  • User-friendliness:
    • Intuitive
    • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Process data:
    • Process data management of different articles
    • Simple programming
  • Visualization:
    • Process data in real time
    • Monitoring
    • Verification
    • Early detection of problems
  • Security functions/ Access restrictions:
    • Increasing process security
    • Safety in the workplace
  • Diagnostic functions:
    • Error identification
    • Easier maintenance

Operation, maintenance and inspection of the production system during operation is made possible by safe access to the machine via the catwalk with inlaid aluminum checker plates.

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