D³ thread & edge winder

Optimized performance, safety and user-friendliness.

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The success story of the D³ thread & edge winder – A cooperation with Eschler Textil GmbH.

At D³-Solutions, we pride ourselves on innovation that solves real challenges for our customers. Discover how our thread & edge winder project exceeded expectations and how you can benefit too.

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Advantages of the D³ thread & edge winder

Energy saving

Cost saving

Improved resource utilization

User friendliness

Space saving


Sustainable and safe

What our customer says

“The cooperation with D³-Solutions was extremely positive. Their innovative product, the D³ thread & edge winder, has contributed significantly to a more efficient way of working. The user-friendly and energy-saving design has proven to be extremely beneficial for us and I strongly recommend their solutions.”

V. Drexel
Operations Manager, Eschler Textil GmbH

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