Thread and Edge Winder

A product of D³-Solutions GmbH

D³-Solutions Thread and Edge Winder

Thread and edge winders from D3-Solutions GmbH offer many advantages. In addition to low power consumption, automatic activation and deactivation, as well as extremely high mobility and stability, we provide highly flexible deployment options.

Our winders are characterized as follows:

  • Low power consumption: With low power consumption, these devices can help reduce energy costs and environmental impact. This is especially important in times when energy efficiency and sustainability are increasingly crucial.
  • Automatic activation and deactivation: Automatic activation and deactivation ensure that the devices are only active when needed, saving energy, preventing unnecessary wear, and extending the devices’ lifespan.
  • Extremely mobile and flexible deployment: High mobility and flexibility allow for easy deployment of the devices in various locations and quick adaptation to changing requirements. This increases the efficiency and versatility of the devices and can optimize production processes.

These clear advantages make such devices or tools attractive to companies and organizations looking to reduce operating costs, optimize production processes, and implement more environmentally friendly solutions.

The mentioned benefits are complemented by increased process security, as the devices do not need to be turned on or off separately. Automatic activation and deactivation minimize the risk of human errors, leading to a reduction in production faults. Since the devices are active only when needed, the consistency and reliability of production processes are enhanced. This contributes to improving the quality of manufactured products and reducing the defect rate, thereby increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

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