D³ thread & edge winder

Case Study

As a partner in special machine construction for the optimum thread & edge winder

Eschler Textil GmbH (part of the Swiss Schoeller Textil AG) has been a reliable expert for innovative knitted fabrics for many years and has made a name for itself particularly in the field of technical textiles. The focus is on sustainably developed, customized solutions for applications ranging from medical, functional and protective textiles to smart textiles.

Small, mobile winders are used on the warp knitting machines to eject single yarns or yarn groups as required.

Core products such as microfibers, mesh articles, tapes, composites and, in particular, individuality require flexible solutions.

Occasion and project start of the D³ thread & edge winder

Mr. V. Drexel, the operations manager at Eschler, came to D³-Solutions with an urgent need for a solution. There were repeated problems with the yarn take-offs previously used, as the yarns became almost inseparably entangled between the disk and the motor during operation. This led to downtime and production losses. In addition, replacement devices always had to be kept on hand for quick replacement.

During the on-site visit, further weak points were identified, including a significant safety risk: the winders become hot during operation, especially during unplanned machine downtimes. The necessary monitoring of the existing winders requires a considerable amount of time and organization.

After it was determined that the existing yarn take-offs could not be sufficiently optimized, we set ourselves the task of developing a cost-effective yarn winder. This should retain the advantages of the current yarn take-offs, but without the associated problems.

Project start

Eschler Textil already has experience in dealing with thread take-offs and has recognized the associated problems.
Due to its experience with special machines in the textile industry, D³-Solutions has a clear insight into the necessary functions and their possibilities for implementation.

Together – with the experience of both parties and innovative new ideas – the desired goal can be achieved.

D³-Solutions has decades of project experience, which ensures that purchased components and production parts are not only optimally coordinated mechanically, but that the results also meet the highest standards in the field of electrical and control technology. The wealth of experience also extends to the use of our own 3D printing technology, which is used specifically to implement innovative solutions in a cost- and resource-efficient manner.

Project process

  • The objectives were defined together with the customer. The focus was on eliminating the existing problems with the thread take-offs. However, additional optimizations, such as winding on the company’s own internal waste tubes, were also to be implemented.
  • Advantage: All residual (recycled) material is available in the same type.
    The specifications for the thread winder were compiled. The advantages of the former thread take-offs were also taken into account.
  • Several drafts were drawn up to show how the specifications could be implemented in the best possible and most cost-effective way.
  • Parallel to the designs, tests were carried out with small electric motors in order to better assess their design in terms of function and energy efficiency.
  • Once all the important components of the yarn winder had been clarified, the 3D design of the machine could begin.
  • The compact and smooth-running dancer unit, which is used to control the speed and switch the yarn winder on and off, was a particular challenge.
  • A risk assessment accompanying the project revealed weak points early on that still needed to be resolved.
    Approval for the construction of the machine was given together with the customer.
  • As attention was already paid to the availability of the individual products during the design phase, it was possible to start building the machine and creating the documentation after a short time, despite difficult supply chains.
  • In addition, some components of the yarn winder could be realized internally using 3D printing, which guaranteed fast and cost-effective implementation.
  • As a sufficient amount of test material and empty bobbin tubes were provided by Eschler for testing, commissioning could take place at D³-Solutions.
  • When the yarn winder was delivered to Eschler, D³-Solutions was able to instruct the operators immediately. This could be kept quite short, as the yarn winder is easy and safe to operate.

The result

The D³ thread & edge winder does not have to be switched off manually and restarted separately when production resumes. It switches itself off and on again automatically, thus ensuring safe machine downtimes and minimizing production losses due to operating errors.

Customer testimonial

Efficiency, safety and user-friendliness through the use of the D³ thread winder

V. Drexel

Operations manager of Eschler Textil GmbH

Sustainable and safe:

“… the yarn winder is equipped with an intelligent dancer system that switches itself off when not in use and reactivates automatically when it is needed. The yarn tension is kept constant. This smart technology not only means significant energy savings, but also minimizes the risk of overheating and potential safety hazards…”

Innovative thread control:

“…in the event of a yarn breakage, the yarn winder is automatically interrupted immediately…faulty winding and ball formation is therefore avoided!”

Efficient cost optimization:

“With the energy-saving 12V drive motor, operating costs are significantly reduced.”

Sustainable use of resources:

“…the reliable rewinding takes place on empty waste tubes from our own production… which makes handling and disposal very easy for us.”

Ready for use in a flash:

“…replacing the winding core and threading the thread is done in no time at all, making the thread winder ready for use again in seconds…”

Space-saving versatility and safety:

“…effortlessly, up to 5 yarn winders can be linked together. This reduces the need for power sockets and significantly minimizes the risk of tripping hazards caused by cables lying around!”

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