Unrolling Tray

A product of D³-Solutions GmbH

D³-Solutions Unrolling Tray

The unrolling tray from D3-Solutions GmbH is particularly suitable for use in recycling applications within production.
The compact design and mobility make them to be used flexible.

Main function is to separate different material fractions on a roll, which can then be further processed unmixed.

Simple insertion of material rolls and the ergonomic design enable a safe and effortless operation of the tray.

In recycling applications, it is crucial to separate different material fractions efficiently. The D3 unrolling tray offers a simple solution for this. Thanks to the precise control unit of the unwinding process, bales of material can be unrolled effortlessly and the different materials separated. This enables an efficient processing of recycled materials and helps to optimize the entire recycling process.

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